On these pages, you will find everything about the special features of Shadowpainting®. In Shadowpainting® you can discover techniques that use silk painting, batik and watercolours. You can combine these three techniques into one simple drawing technique that even enables people who have no special drawing talents to create nice things.

Shadowpainting® is for all ages: people from 8 to 80 years old can work away to their heart's content with this technique, but of course younger or older people can also join in! On this site, you can find all kinds of applications for Shadowpainting®, complete with examples and explanation. Don't be scared to implement your own ideas: make your own unique creations from the subjects that I supply. New examples are often added, so visit our site regularly!

I have greatly enjoyed working on this technique and sincerely hope that this will inspire you to spend many enjoyable hours with Shadowpainting®.

Marianne van Bekkum



Foto Marianne van Bekkum

Marianne van Bekkum, hobbyspecialist and creator of Shadowpainting®

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